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Refund and Returns Policy

Unless you have made a written consent with our customer service regarding this matter, we assume you, as the customer already have a certain knowledge or enough information or a some degree of basic skills in using the products, before you decided to do a purchase from us. We will not regards the complain for returning the products you have purchased from us, for the reason that you have wrongly buy the product type that you do not actually need, or not suitable for your needs.

If you have any doubt of what to buy and what type of products meets your requirement, please contact our Customer Service officer, for deciding what kind of products will mostly suit your specific needs.

All products purchase from have a standard warranty as follows:
- Power related and cables products, such as power supply, power adaptors, PoE(Power over Ethernet), Ethernet cable, HDMI, Audio-Video cables have a 30(thirty days) one-to-one replacement warranty.
- All other products have a standard 1(one) year limited warranty.

If you have received a defected products or for somehow damage the products during use, within 30(thirty) days from the date you received the product, please return to us. And you will be eligible for receiving one-on-one replacement with no question asked. We will send you the replacement product right away, while we have stock of similar type on hand.

If the stock is not ready, you will have the option of full refund for the product price you have paid, or wait for our incoming inventory, then we will send you the replacement.

All shipment fee incurred by this return and replacement of product within 30(thirty) days of purchased, will be bear by AFCWAVE.CO.ID.

After 30(thirty) days has passed, all products that failed to function can be returned to us for repair. Our team of technician and engineer will do the all necessary tests to determine the caused of damage, and will be given the full authority to decide, whether to replace the product with the new one, do the repair process or reject the damaged product.
Warranty will be void for the products that have damage by lightning strike, electricity shock, electricity shorted-circuit, water, and un-skillful use/setting by a person.

Return shipment fee to AFCWAVE.CO.IDĀ for this stage will be bear by customers, while the return shipment fee to customer will be bear by AFCWAVE.CO.ID