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How to Buy

We provide online shopping for Republic Indonesia region only. You are welcome at anytime to ask for our product detail to our customer service officer. If you feel you need a further explanation regarding the functions, feature and specification regarding any individual product.

Please do the Login first, before proceed to shopping. The price of all of our product on the store will only visible after you do the login and verified.

Select the product you wish to buy and add it to the shopping cart. You can add as many items as you want to the shopping cart. You can modify the content of your shopping cart, by clicking the Cart icon at the top right of the window. When you have done, then go to your cart, and click Payment Confirmation button.

Choose your Delivery Address, Delivery Method and Payment Method. Total Payment will appear in the right side. You must check the "I agree with the Terms and Condition" box, and then you can click the "Pay Now" button.

Next step will be the validation of your selected Payment Method by your Banks or financial provider.
Please make sure that the delivery address are correct, and have an active phone number in it.

After the successful payment verification of your selected payment method by your bank or financial provider, the system will transfer you back to our website for invoicing process.

At this stage the transaction process is completed. Our website will display the invoice, which you can print it for your own record. Our system will also email you the invoice automatically. Please make sure that the email account you use for login to our website are the valid one.