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Terms and Condition

We warmly welcome you to, as will be called website throughout this Terms and Condition. Please read this Terms and Condition carefully and we hope you understand every statement in it.

By browsing and using the services contained in this website, you are agree and bound to all of the statement in this Terms and Condition. We will evaluate and add, delete or change this Terms and Condition clause, with or without prior notification to our customers.

If you, by any reason did not agree and would not be bound by some or all of the clauses in this Terms and Condition, then please do not use and browse this website at all.

You must be have 18 years old when using and doing any activities in this website.

For our customers best shopping experience, we will try our best to keep updating, changing or removing the contents, features and all other aspects contained in this website. We have the full rights to add, update, remove or cease some or all of the services, channel and features of this website without prior notice to our customers.

We have the rights to monitor, filtering and controlling any activities, content and material published through this website and taken the necessary action regarding the violation of the terms and condition and laws and regulations of the Republic of Indonesia, such as:
- Limiting the access of the users to our website services
- Reporting the suspicious activities to the authorities and law enforcement bodies.
- Require your recent data and information

We will not be held responsible for the failure of access and using some or all services of this website, caused by the maintenance process, failure of networking and communication access, shutdown of electricity system, computer viruses and malware, act of nature, disaster, war, chaos and other means of anomaly that beyond our ability to prevent.

We will not be held responsible for any loss caused by violation of this terms and condition.

You as a customer agree for not doing the following act that prohibited by the laws and regulations in the Republic of Indonesia:
- Pretend to be someone or somebody that not a real you.
- Deliberately giving a false or misleading information for the purpose of breaking the law
- Using the services in this website for illegal activities, such as purchasing a product by using a stolen cards: credit, debit cards, and others means that have a financial and payment to the website.
- Attempt to get an illegal access to the login credential and password of another registered users.
- Attempt to disrupt the website and its services by creating some sort of attack on the servers and computer network.